Oct 26 2015

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Tentative SpaceX Launch Schedule

SpaceX preparing for Static Fire test on first Full Thrust Falcon 9 First Stage. The concrete hasn’t even begun to harden on these tentative dates, but they at least give us something to which to look forward.

  • Week of 26 Oct: Full Thrust test at MacGregor
  • Early Dec: Orbcomm-2 mission to LEO (plus 2nd stage reignite test, plus an attempted barge landing)
  • 15 Dec: Jason-3 from Vandenberg using last Falcon 9 v1.1
  • 27 Dec: SES-9 to GEO
  • Early Jan 2016: Dragon launch to ISS

This is a pretty aggressive schedule, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some slippage to the right. Still, if all goes well, SpaceX enters 2016 on a roll…and 2016 is forecast to be be their busiest launch year ever.

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