Nov 18 2015

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JNEM and MUOS play well together

Joint Radio Network Manager Supports Next Generation Military Satellite Comms. For MUOS, this is a BIG DEAL. Without JNEM, there would be no way for MUOS radio profiles to be provisioned to the warfighter without conflicting with other software radio waveform profiles.

In the near term, the first dismounted radio to be used with the MUOS waveform – the Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit, or HMS, Manpack Radio – will be the primary MUOS terminal for ground users. While MUOS provides the satellite capability, JENM handles the planning, configuration, and monitoring functions for all MUOS compatible, Soldier Radio Waveform, or SRW, and Wideband Networking Waveform, or WNW, software-defined radios in the joint tactical environment.

The HMS is what I used when conducting MUOS field tests back in August. Once I figured out the GUI (er…HMI — Human/Machine Interface), it was pretty easy to use.

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