Nov 19 2015

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ISS suffers power loss

ISS Power System Status – Suspected SSU Failure responsible for partial Power Loss. It was reported yesterday, but happened on Friday. The load shedding wasn’t seamless, as parts of the ISS actually lost power temporarily.

There will be a space walk in the near future to replace the SSU for the 1B circuit.

Further analysis of data showed that Sequential Shunt Unit (SSU) 1B may not be able to regulate voltage. Without being able to provide a stable voltage to downstream systems, the SSU will not be reconnected to the power bus.

The Sequential Shunt Units are responsible of receiving power from the solar arrays and regulating power coming from the arrays at an established setpoint of 160 volts. This is accomplished by shunting and un-shunting strings on the array as the output power of the SSU is the sum of all connected strings. When the SSU output power exceeds the current power demand of ISS systems and batteries, the bus voltage begins rising which triggers the SSU to begin shunting strings to reduce power output. A dropping bus voltage triggers the SSU to un-shunt strings.

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