Nov 24 2015

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Notes from Webinar — The HTS Revolution: Are you ready to take advantage?

Listened in on a great presentation on the GEO-HTS market hosted by Gilat Satellite Networks. The facilitators were Jose Del Rosario, Research Director, Northern Sky Research and Doreet Oren, Director Product Marketing, Gilat Satellite Networks.

HTS = High Throughput Satellites (in case you missed it.)

The Agenda included:

  • GEO=HTS Landscape
  • Supply & Demand
  • GS arch to max the HTS opp
  • HTS challenge in a nutshell
  • 5 key points to meet the challenge
  • Q&A

Here were some of my notes:

  • Mobility (ships and aircraft) are a major market opportunity
  • Voice and bursty data are primary users
  • Dominate traffic will be 4G (70% by 2019)
  • 2020 will be 5G
  • Ground equipment dev needs to keep pace with SATCOM QOS
  • Broadband is a high volume/low margin business
  • HTS will offer terabytes of data to single users by 2024
  • Shifting requirements and platforms
    • Narrowband to broadband
    • 1-way to 2-way
  • GTS-HTS maritime market is nascent
  • GS equipment should be high capacity and scalable
  • 5 key points for Ground Segments
    • cloud based distributed architechture
    • support for multiple markets
    • efficient bandwidth management
    • network scalability and flexibility
    • reduced OPEX/CAPEX

The Q&A section included a question on LEO-HTS and O3B. Gilat is working with them (interesting) but can’t say anything at this time (even more interesting).

The second half of the presentation was Gilat’s ground system solution to the GEO-HTS problem. It was worth watching, but I didn’t take many notes on their specific solution. They’ll post the webinar on their web site, and I’ll try to remember to link to it here.

In the meantime, I captured some of the slides. All the slides below are property of Gilat Satellite networks:

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