Nov 26 2015

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

We’ll spend the day with my wife’s extended family at her brother’s house. Friday, I’ll leave bright and early for a softball tourney that’ll last through Sunday, so blogging may be on the light side (depending on my game schedule) until Monday.

There are literally hundreds of things for which I’m thankful, but here are the first “big 10” that come to mind:

  1. My wife, who in the face of everything still laughs with me at the end of the day
  2. My four kids, three in college and one finishing high school — man, am I proud of the adults they’ve become
  3. I’ve landed a few interviews before I’m unemployed (probably around 7 or 8 December)– that gives me real hope that my next job is right around the corner
  4. I’ve found a hobby (umpiring) that not only pays me (which is cool) but it turns out I have a real talent for it. The future looks really bright in this direction
  5. I have my health. For a 50 year old man, I’m holding up pretty well. I can keep up with the players as an umpire, and still patrol the outfield when I play as good (almost) as I did 30 years ago. No heart attacks so far (my dad had his first one at 42) and no major health scares to worry about so far.
  6. I live in the best country in the history of the world, with freedoms unheard of until a few centuries ago, and still lacking in the rest of the world today. America is exceptional, and I am especially thankful for her
  7. I have gathered, over the years, true friends: Kirk, Darrell, Brian, Linda, Ron — you all rock!
  8. God, through His grace and mercy, has forgiven my sins (and there are a lot of them…) and adopted me as His son
  9. I’ve managed some real personal growth this year. My mid-life crisis has focused inward, and I’m communicating, interacting, and reacting more positively and proactively than I ever have before. It’s still a work in progress, but my “VisionQuest” has paid real dividends so far in all facets of life.
  10. I have a roof over my head and food in the cupboard — neither of which have always been the case.

OK, here’s another one: I’m thankful for the steady stream of readers this blog gets. I started NewSpaceRaces to keep plugged into the industry I love so much when it looked like my career might be veering away from it. I didn’t expect it to develop much of a following…but I’m really pleased that it has. If you are here daily, once in a while, or this is your first time here, THANK YOU for your time! It definitely keeps me motivated.

I’m planning big things for 2016…stay tuned!

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