Nov 30 2015

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LISA set to launch this week

Flight teams prepare for LISA Pathfinder liftoff Wednesday. It’ll loiter around L1 for about half a year looking for gravitational waves.


I’m back from a long weekend of umpiring, doing the Brenda Marsha ASA Thanksgiving tournament up in Chino Hills, CA. It is one of the funner tourneys of the year, because it’s a tourney so there’s more competition and energy than in most travel ball showcases, but it’s also Thanksgiving weekend so folks are (mostly) in a festive mood.

I got to do the 12U championship game behind the plate, so that was awesome. Athletics beat Firecrackers 4-3 in a game that went down to the wire. I also worked an 18U semi-final game behind the plate Saturday night with two teams full of ladies who are on their way to Division 1 colleges. Definitely one of the best games talent-wise that I’ve worked all year long. Firecrackers beat Knuckle Up 4-1.

Saturday night was so cold I had to wear my ASA jacket for the first time ever. I believe it was down in the low 40s by the time the game was over. Hey — that’s a big deal in SoCal.

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