Dec 01 2015

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I’m not a Laser expert, but I did recently stay at a Holiday Inn Express

That’s where I stayed last weekend when I umpired the Brenda Marsh tourney…hopefully the smartness I gained while staying there hasn’t worn off…

Laser Power: Russia develops energy beam for satellite refueling. This will certainly be an interesting demo, but…

“They added that the ability to transfer power from one spacecraft to the other opens up new horizons in space exploration.”

I’m not seeing that.

The “refueling in space” that everyone talks about is the refueling of thrusters with propulsion fuel. Given that solar panels are about the least expensive part of a satellite, why the need to transfer electrical power from one point to the other via laser?

And couldn’t a such a laser overpower a satellite bus if it’s not set up to properly receive the burst of energy? Like a weapon would?

Pretty smart, huh?

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  1. Vic

    Small intel satellites with very low perigee may not want the atmospheric drag or optical signature of large solar arrays, so having their batteries periodically topped off by a “mother ship” in higher orbit might be useful. You can also use a modulated corner cube to do a LPI data dump back to supply ship at the same time for store & forward to the ground.

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