Dec 08 2015

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And now it is Moon Express coming up on the outside…

XPRIZE Gives Moon Express a GO for 2017 Launch to Land First Private Spacecraft On the Moon.

SpaceIL will launch to the moon aboard a SpaceX Falcon-9 booster as a secondary payload, but Moon Express will launch their spacecraft, the MX-1E lunar lander, with the Los Angeles-based company Rocket Lab USA, riding on their 52.5-foot-tall (16 meters) two-stage Electron rocket from a still undetermined launch site in either New Zealand or the United States (Rocket Lab USA is already working with Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) to provide range safety support for their upcoming Electron launches from Kodiak Island in 2016).

2017 may end up being the most exciting year ever for the private space industry.

Congrats to Moon Express!

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