Dec 18 2015

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Cats and Dogs…living together!

Russia’s space agency Roscosmos signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday with China National Space Administration. Even though Russia and China butt heads more than they get along, this announcement isn’t too surprising. Given the commercial dependence that everyone has on GPS, the Chinese were in a conundrum:

GPS is definitely a center of gravity for US Military forces — we rely on it for almost literally everything. If the Chinese ever wanted to defeat us in war, they’d have to take out GPS enough to hamper our operations. The problem is that they also rely on GPS, and their private sector does so at an ever increasing rate. Today, if they took out GPS, China would be hampering its own military and its own economy. Tomorrow, after they’ve transfered over to Glonass, they’ll be much freer to consider damaging GPS.

And of course:

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