Dec 18 2015

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Happy Star Wars day

No, I haven’t seen it yet. We’ve got tickets for 10am Sunday and we’re taking the whole family. Actually, it’s going to be about 25 of us, since we’re actually going as part as a birthday party for one of my wife’s friends. DO NOT post any comments about the movie!!! I have avoided all trailers, commercials, youtube postings, etc. because I want to be completely surprised by this movie.

Here’s a throw-back Thursday post I did on Star Wars that I think does a pretty good job of showing what a big deal the original movie was when it came out (for you whippersnappers out there). (Heh…Edited to add, well, I guess I won’t be going to opening night for this one).

And yes, blogging has been extremely light this week. My apologies — other projects have had to take priority. I should be back in the saddle now.

LOTS of big changes coming up for NewSpaceRaces…still pulling together the pieces and the plans. Some of the stuff you’ll notice, some maybe not, but my goal is for this place to provide a better service to you while still being fun for me.

So…onto posting about the news over the past couple of days.

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