Dec 18 2015

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NSR’s Polar Satellite Market analysis

POLAR SATELLITE MARKETS. The synopsis doesn’t give much detail, and I don’t have $4000 in loose change to buy the report, but this is an area of interest of mine, so it’s worth a link.

Here’s the one graphic they provide:

I personally think that we’re at Peak Interest right now for Polar capabilities. As the report’s summary states:

The Polar Region has gained attention in recent years, specifically in the enterprise sector with the opening of sea lanes and opportunities presented by key industries such as oil & gas, mining and commercial airlines increasing the number of flights using the Polar route. Tourism has likewise led to consumer oriented opportunities as the number of Arctic & Antarctic visitors rises annually.

The Oil glut and fracking means that there’s little need to explore the Arctic for new oil deposits. And frankly, I have never bought the “Northern Passage” argument, because *if* there is global warming (a big, giant IF in my book), it’s doubtful that there will be so much warming that a Northern Passage will open even semi-permanently. I believe that Mr. Sun has decided to go down for a long winter nap based on solar activity trends, and we’re more likely to be in the middle of a little ice age by the year 2100 than living in a tropical sauna. Just sayin’…

All that means that the only thing driving services in the Arctic is tourism. Is that enough to invest big bucks in satellite constellations and infrastructure? I think not. There will always be a military interest in the Arctic, and that will drive some investment, but I doubt we’ll see a satellite gold rush up North for the foreseeable future.

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