Dec 19 2015

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Great Googly Moogly

RD-180 Engine Procurement Ban Overturned, Revealing Sharp Space Policy Differences. I cannot believe that we caved on this. This is such a bad idea for multiple reasons:

  1. It helps the Russian Aerospace industry. Worse, it gives the Russians (and every other diplomatic thug out there) the clear message that they can do whatever they want (i.e. invade the Crimea) and the US will talk tough, but ultimately pussy out. Worst, it sticks a thumb in the eye of Ukraine, a supposed ally of the United States.
  2. It gives less incentive to develop our own rockets, ultimately costing US jobs, and ultimately stymieing US research and technology advancement.
  3. When you encourage crony capitalism, you only get more of it. Of course, that may be a feature instead of a bug to Congress critters and to crony capitalists (like United Launch Authority). For the US worker and US taxpayer, though, they take it up the rectum (again).

The only winners here are Congressmen who are in the tank for Crony Capitalists (which would appear to be most of them), Crony Capitalists, and Russia.

Paul Ryan, you John Boehner wannabe, you are dead to me. I will contribute to anyone who primaries against you.

Not directly related, but QED:
Moscow Confirms Suspension of Russian-Ukrainian ‘Dnepr’ Rocket Launches

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