Dec 20 2015

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Stay tuned to this station for further developments…

SpaceX Plans Launch, Landing on Sunday – UPDATED. Contrast to what I reported yesterday, the booster recovery will be attempted at Cape Canaveral. Launch time will be no earlier than 5:39 pm this afternoon, and I’ll be live-blogging the launch from about T-45 minutes through the recovery landing attempt.

Launch weather looks to be 90% favorable, so here’s hoping that the launch will go off without a hitch.

Here’s video of their previous attempts:

CRS-6 on 17 April 2015:

And the CRS-5 attempt on 10 Jan 2015:

Landing on land is not only more easier than landing on a moving target at sea, SpaceX no doubt wants to answer Blue Origin’s shot across the bow with their New Shepherd landing on 23 November:

Just like God and Robert Heinlein intended….

Looks like the launch will now occur Monday, 21 Dec, at 5:33pm Pacific.

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