Dec 30 2015

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Landed booster being evaluated for future hot fire

Historic First Falcon-9 to Land from Space Transported to KSC 39A for Testing. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for their post-landing testing…Hey SpaceX, I’ve got plenty of test and evaluation experience!!

“The returned first stage will be the test article here (39A), and it will go into the hangar where they (SpaceX) will do a little refurbishment,” said NASA. “They will actually put it on the transporter erector and roll it out to the pad to do fluid checks, electrical checks and propellant loading with that test article.”

At a press conference call shortly after the successful landing, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shed more light on upcoming plans for the booster.

“The plan is to do a static fire on the launch pad there to confirm that all systems are good and that we’re able to do a full-thrust hold-down firing of the rocket,” said Musk. “And then I think we’ll probably keep this one on the ground because it’s quite unique, it’s the first one we brought back. So I think we’ll probably keep this one on the ground and just confirm through tests that it could fly again and then put it somewhere to display, because it’s quite unique.”

That hot-fire will likely be an event worthy of live-blogging. I suspect it will go off without a hitch. Each launch mission now is a candidate for booster return (except the Jason-3 launch on 17 January out of Vandenberg), and they’re looking at flying a refurbished booster for a real mission sometime later this year.

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