Jan 13 2016

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To live-blog, or to try to get a picture?

That is the question…

SpaceX Going For Offshore Barge Landings For Their Next Several Falcon-9 Launches. If it is a clear day, I can sometimes see the contrails from launches at Vandenburg from my house. The Jason-3 launch might make for an interesting picture from my house if the conditions are right. Then again, I wouldn’t want to miss SpaceX sticking the landing on a barge, plus this would be the first West Coast barge landing attempt.

Complicating matters is that we need to leave the house around 11:15am because my youngest daughter has a High School Cheer competition down in San Diego.

Now that I’m typing this all out, I think I’ll have the daughter standby outside in case some good pictures can be taken and I’ll live blog the launch and recovery attempt.

Yes…I think that will work.

As for the linked article saying that SpaceX will use the next several launches to attempt at-sea recoveries, I am not surprised. Their long-term planning has always assumed an at-sea recovery as a booster recovery method for most of their missions. Their landing at Canaveral last month was to just prove to the world (and Blue Origin) that they could do it.

Weather’s supposed to be clear on Sunday with light winds. SpaceX came oh-so-close the last time they attempted a barge landing…I’d give them pretty good odds of sticking the landing this time around.

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