Jan 17 2016

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Live blogging the Jason-3 launch and booster recovery

Time (Pacific local) Event
1055 Well, I have to head out the door to take my daughter to a cheer competition (she was the one videoing from our back patio). I’ll follow up on the booster landing when I get back. BOOO to SpaceX for cutting off their Web cast without news from “Just Read the Instructions”.
1054 Webcast has signed off????????? WTF????? What about the drone landing???
1053 Lost satellite signal from done.
1052 Jason-3 in parking orbit — orbit nominal.
1051 Stage 1 landing lights on. Successful cut-off of 2nd burn.
1050 Foggy around the drone ship.
1049 Sprinkler’s on drone have come on. Boost-back burn complete.
1046 Still waiting for comms downlink from booster. Brake thrusting is complete. Looks like we’ve captured the contrail going up on video — we’ll attach that later.
1045 Booster detatched. Second stage engine ignited. Central fairing deployed.
1043 Looking good. Cleared Vandenberg. 6.5 KM high. Supersonic, and then Max-Q. First stage propusltion is nominal.
1042 LAUNCH!!!!!! Starting video from my house.
1042 Rang Green
1041 Gas supplies isolated. T-1 minute. Vehicle’s in start-up.
1040 LOx loading is complete. Strongback fully retracted.
1039 Strongback is being drawn back.
1034 “Just Read the Instructions” is about 200 nm off the Pacific Coast. Less fuel is required to return to a platform at sea.
1032 Looks like weather is perfect. We’ve got very light high-level clouds here, so hopefully we’ll see the launch from here (about 130 miles from Vendanberg as the crow flies). They’re showing a live shot of the launch pad — lots of fog. Clear as a bell here, though.
1030 Prop’s go. All stations report “Go”. Waiting for Prop issue to be closed, but Prop reported “go”, so I’m assuming they’ve got the issue resolved.
1027 Not flying with densified propellants. Fueling is just about done. Propellant team is working on a minor issue, but no description was given. Should get an input in a couple of minutes. This will be the last time there will be an announced “Go/No-Go” poll for a SpaceX launch. Not sure of the signifance of that.
1024 OK — got the webcast up. Looks like they’re making the Go/No-Go roll call. Terminal count starts at T-13. Drone ship is “Just reading the instructions”. I’m hoping that I can get video from my house of the launch — if conditions are right, I’ll get at least some contrails.
1021 Up and running. Launch will be in about 22 minutes. Still trying to get everything configured here.

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