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My name is Don McKay.

I am a space enthusiast who has been working in the industry for the past 20 years.  I have worked primarily with DoD SATCOM systems, including Milstar, GPS, UFO, MUOS and Irridium.  For these programs, I have been a lead tester, a CONOPS developer, a systems designer — essentially, a jack-of-all-trades systems engineer. I live in SoCal with my wife and four kids.

::Aliases and Secret Identities::

I’m a self-published author, under the byline AKA D.C. McKay, who has published the first book of a series, Ships & Stones, available online. Ships & Stones takes place a generation after the colonization of Mars, and follows the ship Dreamer’s Way as revolution begins to boil the Solar System. I’m hard at work on the sequel, Moore Trouble, which should be out by the end of 2014.

If you live in SoCal and have attended a fast pitch softball game, then you’ve likely seen me behind the plate or on the bases as an umpire. Last year, I worked over 150 games, ranging from 8U rec to 18U Gold travel ball.

I am also the original Donbo McSlay — having earned the nom de guerre the hard way in the fall of 1985. 

::Site Mission::

This site is my personal blog, and so I’ll write about anything I darn well want to.  That said, I’ll stick mostly to the US Space industry, with a particular focus on New Space endeavors.  In the grand tradition of Instapundit, this site will act as some sort of combination of link amalgamater, news reporter, opinion provider, and analysis sharer.

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