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Advocacy Sites Other Space News Sites Govt Agencies
Buzz Aldrin Innovation Institute
Citizens in Space
Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Inspiration Mars
Mars Society
The Moon Society
National Space Club
National Space Society
Space Exploration Alliance
Space Frontier Foundation
Spaceship Earth Grants
Space Settlement Institute
Space Tourism Society
Aerospace & Defense News: Space
America Space Space
Gunter’s Space Page
Hobby Space
NewSpace Watch
Satnews Publishers
Science Daily: Space & Time
Space Daily
The Space Review
Space Policy Online
SpaceRef Business
Canadian Space Agency
China National Space Agency
European Space Agency
India Space Research Organization
Roscosmos (in Russian)
NewSpace Companies NewSpace Startups Competitions/Prizes
Bigelow Aerospace
Blue Origin
Escape Dynamics
Firefly Space Systems
Helion Engergy
Golden Spike
InterOrbital Systems
JP Aerospace
Mars One
Masten Aerospace
Mishaal Aerospace
Moon Express
Orbital Sciences Corp
Planetary Resources
Planet Labs
Scaled Composites (Northrup Grumman)
Shackleton Energy Company
Sierra Nevada Corp
Skybox Imaging
Space Adventures
Space Angels Network
Spaceflight Services
Space Services Holdings
Tethers Unlimited
Virgin Galactic
UP Aerospace
XCOR Aerospace
Moon Base Builders Google Lunar Xprize
Inspiration Mars International Student Design Competition
NASA Centennial Challenges
NASA Solve
NASA Student Launch competition

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