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A list of reference materials that I’ve stumbled upon in my Internet travels that are so good they should be collected into one spot. You’re welcome.

Earth Observing constellations and how they operate. This ends up focused on Planet Labs, but is a good primer for anyone who wants to understand Earth Observing.

The Global Exploration Roadmap. A long-term strategy for space exploration culminating in human Martian exploration, sponsored by NASA and signed by over a dozen nations.

Historical Analogs to Commercial Space, and how they could be models within which Commercial Space can be opened up to the public. Give me 40 acres and a mule (or heavy-duty ATV), and I’m off to stake my claim.

Lunar Resources: A review. A great overview of all the possible natural resources currently known on the Moon, and how they would support and sustain lunar colonies and space infrastructure in the Earth-Moon system.

Pathways to Exploration. OK, this is a link to a post about the Pathways to Exploration, but it’s my library…so there! The linked article lists 8 things we can do to make Space Exploration feasible this century, and within that article provides the Pathways to Exploration — a very strong and coherent argument against NASA’s long-term acquisition plans replaced with such a good alternative approach that when I’m President, it’ll be the way NASA conduct’s business from here on out.

Space Act Agreement paradigm importance to US NewSpace. If you ever plan on doing any kind of space product or service via or tangentially related to NASA or US Space, you’ve got to understand the importance of Space Act Agreements.

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