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Sep 15 2015

Lockheed upgrades their A2100 bus

Changing Requirements? No Problem, The A2100 Satellite Is Now Reprogrammable In-Flight. This seems like a pretty big deal. Of all the satellite buses out there, I’m most familiar with the A2100 (MUOS, Milstar), and to be able to reprogram it on the fly to change frequencies is a major change. Satellites outfitted with Lockheed Martin’s …

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Oct 30 2014

LM opens their Commercial Space HQ in Denver

This is definitely a win for Colorado space… and, financially at least, for LM as they’ll get up to $15.5 mil in tax incentives from the state. Interestingly, the two satellite programs highlighted in the article, GPS-III and GOES-R, are government satellites (albeit with commercial applications, at least for GPS). Most of the customers for …

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Sep 08 2014

Lockheed upgrades A2100 bus

Two big improvements. They improved the processor, but they also rejiggered everything so that two A2100 satellites can be launched with the same rocket. These are freakin’ big satellites. The A2100 bus was used both for MILSTAR and for MUOS (two of the projects I have worked on), weighing 10K and 15K pounds respectively. As …

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