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Jan 14 2016

Sierra Nevada gets a piece of the CRS-2 pie

NASA awards ISS cargo transport contracts. SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, and Orbital ATK all were winners, with 6 cargo flights to the ISS guaranteed for each. The agency applied knowledge gained from the first commercial resupply contracts with Orbital ATK and SpaceX and required a number of key enhancements for these contracts. This includes starting with …

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Oct 08 2015

SNC Looks to 2017 orbital test flight of Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser Readies to Spread its Wings Again as SNC Looks Towards First Orbital Flight Test. The first orbital test flight(s) will be unmanned. They believe they’ll be ready for operations and customer launches by 2018. SNC is also an entrant for the CSR-2 contract, which is supposed to be announced in a couple of …

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Mar 15 2015

Interesting take on hardware reuse from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Proposes Dual Use ‘Jupiter’ Space Freighter for Station Resupply and Deep Space Exploration. This is in response to the upcoming CRS-2 contract that NASA expects to award in June 2015. The article is a great overview of the various potential entrants into the CRS-2 contest, but focuses on LM’s unique approach. The Jupiter Space …

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