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Dec 23 2015

A heck of a commute, but look at the view!!

First High-Resolution Images Released of Ceres From Dawn’s New Lowest Orbit. Dawn is now in its final orbit at 240 miles above the surface of Ceres. Resolution is about at 120 feet / pixel.

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Dec 09 2015

Mmmmmmm…salty goodness

Mystery Solved? Ceres’ Bright Spots Likely Made of Salt. That’s pretty neat, but this article turns out to summarize two studies in one. The second study determines that Ceres was likely formed out past Neptune and migrated into the Asteroid Belt…which raises a ton of questions, starting with how much of the Asteroid Belt is …

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Nov 09 2015

Dawn begins decent to final orbit

NASA’s Dawn Spirals to Final Science Orbit, Poised to Return Up-Close Images. It has begun transitioning from its third orbit (High Altitude Mapping Orbit (HAMO)) to its final orbit (Low Altitude Mapping Orbit (LAMO)) It should reach LAMO in mid-December. They’re still not sure what exactly those bright spots are.

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Sep 08 2015

DAWN reaches lowest orbit yet

A Deeper Understanding: Dawn Reaches Third Science Orbit, Shows Closest View of Ceres Yet. It’s currently at an orbit of 915 miles. Come mid-October, it will begin maneuvering to its final orbit of 230 miles. That’s a 4-mile high mountain, not a crater (as it looks to me). It is such a new feature that …

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Aug 26 2015

Vote on what you think the spot on Ceres is

What’s the spot on World Ceres?. Interesting that JPL is calling Ceres a “world”, but I guess since it’s a dwarf planet, that’s ok. The options are Volcano Geyser Rock Ice Salt Deposit Other For the record, my vote was “Other”.

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Aug 06 2015

Take a tour of Ceres courtesy of DAWN

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Jul 31 2015

New Ceres maps

New Names and Insights at Ceres. They also think that, based on the depths of the craters compared to their diameter, that Ceres is ice-rich. “The craters we find on Ceres, in terms of their depth and diameter, are very similar to what we see on Dione and Tethys, two icy satellites of Saturn that …

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Jul 27 2015

Latest on Ceres bright spots

Strange Bright Spots on Ceres Create Mini-Atmosphere on Dwarf Planet. They suspect that the haze is from gas sublimating from the bright spots, likely water vapor.

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Jul 07 2015

DAWN back to operating normally

Orientation Back To Normal For NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft. It had an anomaly on 20 Jun (while I too was down with my laptops stolen). DAWN has now recovered and is operating normally and continuing its mapping mission for Ceres.

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Jun 19 2015

Latest Ceres photos

More Ceres photos from Dawn. Taken from 2700 miles above Ceres, with a resolution of about 1400 ft/pixel.

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Jun 09 2015

New NASA video of Ceres images from Dawn

Pretty cool. And less than two minutes long!

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May 12 2015

A guess as to what is causing Dawn’s bright spots

New NASA images may solve Ceres ‘bright spot’ puzzle. It looks like the spots may be made of smaller bright spots and they guess that the bright spot is sunlight bouncing off reflective ice. I’m not so sure I buy that. The spot seems pretty stable as Ceres is orbiting — wouldn’t it dim as …

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Apr 27 2015

Update on DAWN

Dawn Mission Status Report… Observes Bright Light On Ceres… What The? DAWN successfully entered its first observational orbit on the 23rd, but then had a comms hiccup which caused it to go into safe mode. It had recovered back into normal mode by the morning of the 24th. I can’t wait for more pictures of …

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Apr 21 2015

And speaking of Ceres…

Dawn sees Ceres’ bright spots again. Dawn took these pictures on 14 & 15 April about 14,000 miles above Ceres’ North Pole: These are the first images of the dwarf planet’s North Pole. Tomorrow, DAWN will enter a circular orbit about 8400 miles above Ceres and will stay there until May 9th, when it will …

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Apr 21 2015

NASA releases first color map of Ceres

“This dwarf planet was not just an inert rock throughout its history. It was active, with processes that resulted in different materials in different regions. We are beginning to capture that diversity in our color images,” said Chris Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission, based at the University of California, Los Angeles. Pretty cool. …

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Apr 02 2015

Update on DAWN

Dawn Journal: Preparing to Photograph Ceres. Click on the article for TONS on info on the mission. There haven’t been images of Ceres recently because DAWN is still working on getting into a workable orbit. It’s still behind Ceres and at best can only see it as a crescent. It was captured by Ceres’ gravity …

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Mar 28 2015

Latest images from Ceres

They figure that the bright spots, whatever they are, are perched high up, otherwise shadow would occlude them as they approached twilight. The more we know, the more we know that we don’t know.

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Mar 08 2015

Now in orbit, what’s next for DAWN?

What’s Next for NASA’s Dawn Probe at Dwarf Planet Ceres? The spacecraft’s “orbital acrobatics first will take it up to an altitude of 47,000 miles (75,000 kilometers) on March 19 before it swoops down to 8,400 miles (13,500 km) on April 23 to begin its intensive observations in the orbit designated RC3,” Rayman added. (Dawn …

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Mar 07 2015

It’s official: Ceres sees a new DAWN

NASA space probe ‘Dawn’ enters orbit of dwarf planet. It was captured by Ceres gravity at 4:39 am Pacific yesterday, about 38,000 miles from Ceres. It’ll take another 15 days to enter its normal polar orbit, ultimately orbiting about 230 miles above the dwarf planet. SAL-UTE!!

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Mar 06 2015

DAWN enters Ceres orbit today

Dawn prepares for historic arrival at Ceres. Like the probe’s arrival at Vesta, mission controllers will not be in communication with Dawn when it is captured into Ceres’ gravity due to the orientation needs of the spacecraft’s thrusters at the time. In fact, it will not be until early afternoon Pacific Standard Time, mid-afternoon on the …

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