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Jan 13 2016

Hey, that’s the MUOS testing I did in Fort Bragg!!

US Navy Evaluation Of General Dynamics Mission Systems AN/PRC-155 Manpack Connects With MUOS. Instead of using this picture in the article: or this one: I think they should have used this one: But maybe they wanted to downplay the male supermodel approach. Hmmmm….probably a good call on their part…

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May 21 2015

Competition is good

Harris Successfully Demos MUOS Waveform Operating On-Air. This seems like a big deal, but I’ll withhold my opinion until I hear from some of my MUOS insiders on it first. Were they able to exercise all the functionality of the waveform? What data rate did they achieve? ect ect Still, having a second radio vendor …

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Feb 13 2015

GD’s MUOS test lab adds on-air capability

GD Expands Arizona MUOS Radio Test Lab Offering Direct Connectivity with On-Orbit MUOS Satellites. The last time I was at General Dynamics, I was overseeing the Factory Acceptance Test for the MUOS ground system. This is a significant upgrade to their lab, so Congrats!

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