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Dec 24 2015

Dang — I missed this!!

A Russian Rocket Body Lit Up West Coast Skies. Though I’m not sure I could have seen it, since I’m south of Los Angeles. This was a Russian SL-4 Soyuz from the ISS.

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Dec 21 2015

Unscheduled spacewalk is a success

The entire event lasted 3 hours and 16 minutes.

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Dec 20 2015

News that shouldn’t be news in the future

Unscheduled spacewalk likely on Monday. I look forward to the day when a maintenance spacewalk to jigger with something that is stuck isn’t news at all, because it’s become so routine on the multiple orbital stations we have up there that it just doesn’t warrant notice. Late Wednesday, the Mobile Transporter rail car on the …

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Dec 01 2015


Flowers in Space! Zinnias Set to Bloom on International Space Station. They were planted in the same Veggie plant system that grew lettuce earlier this year. Zinnias take twice as long to grow as lettuce, and are set to bloom in the middle of January 2016 (whoa — it’s December now, so that’s next month. …

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Nov 19 2015

ISS suffers power loss

ISS Power System Status – Suspected SSU Failure responsible for partial Power Loss. It was reported yesterday, but happened on Friday. The load shedding wasn’t seamless, as parts of the ISS actually lost power temporarily. There will be a space walk in the near future to replace the SSU for the 1B circuit. Further analysis …

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Nov 13 2015


Bagpipes in Space? Two of my favorite things! And the commercial that Youtube showed me before that video is worth linking…because it has Mr. T in it: You gotta like Mr. T, fool!! Which reminds me of the Terry Tate, Office Linebacker videos: Parenthetically, Terry Tate looks just like my brother from another mother, Kirk. …

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Nov 11 2015

This is pretty significant

Senate Passes Compromise Commercial Space Bill. Here are the major provisions (quoted word-for-word from the article), and my impressions: Provision Analysis/Opinion Formally extends operation of the International Space Station from 2020 through 2024. President Obama announced last year that he was extending it until then, but this will make it law. Canada and Russia have …

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Nov 03 2015

I *guess* this is news…

Continuous habitation of ISS: 15 years from Expedition 1. Yesterday, 2 Nov, marked the 15th anniversary of the start of Expedition 1, the first day of 15 years of continuous manning of the ISS. I mean, it’s cool and all, but the fact that this qualifies as news means that we aren’t space mariners yet …

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Oct 29 2015

3D Animation of Oct. 28 Spacewalk Activities

Related Articles First-Time Spacewalkers Complete EVA-32, Ahead of ‘Extremely Busy’ Winter of Resupply Operations

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Oct 28 2015

Scott Kelly breaks longest-duration mission record for American astronauts

America’s No. 1 in Orbit: Scott Kelly to Eclipse US Single-Flight Duration Record Tomorrow, and by “tomorrow”, they really mean 9:04pm Pacific time tonight. He’ll also spend 6 hours today on a spacewalk preparing the ISS for commercial capsules. It’ll be his first spacewalk — a nice way to celebrate his new record! SAL-UTE!! He’s …

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Oct 15 2015

Congrats to Scott Kelly

Record Breaker: Scott Kelly Becomes Most Experienced US Astronaut. At 0302 Pacific time this morning, Scott Kelly officially became the US astronaut with the most space time. Today is day 200 of his year-long mission aboard the ISS to test the long-term effects of space travel. He now has a total of 382 days in …

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Oct 12 2015


And he gets paid to do this, too! I’m extremely jealous!!

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Sep 30 2015

NASA extends ISS support contract

NASA, Boeing Extend ISS Contract. Congrats to Boeing! The contract includes a study to determine if the ISS can be sustained through 2028. Presumably, the answer will be “yes”, but hopefully that study will be a major data point for the commercial venture that is looking to buy a space station.

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Sep 29 2015

HTV-5 suffers glitch prior to ISS undocking

HTV-5 departs ISS – following slight glitch – ahead of fiery demise. The SSRMS (Space Station Remote Manipulator System — You know, the giant crane claw thing) noted a safing event, which turned out to be a computer glitch. The ISS made an additional orbit while the crew checked things out, and the the HTV-5 …

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Sep 09 2015

Putting a round peg in a round hole never looked so cool

Slam Dunk for Andreas in Space Controlling Rover on Ground. I am pretty critical of the claims that the ISS is there to help us get ready for missions to Mars, because The ISS was in operation long before Mars became an objective of NASA, and Very little in the daily activities on the ISS …

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Aug 14 2015

Glitch in ISS electrical system repaired

Electrical Glitch in US Sector of ISS Fixed. The glitch occurred late on the 12th, but the article doesn’t mention what the glitch was or what it affected.

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Jul 24 2015

Like they had a choice

Russia Extends Life of International Space Station Until 2024. Yeah, they’ve been talking like they were going to go their own way, but they won’t have a viable space station of their own by 2025, or 2035, at the rate the ruble is going. One reasons the Russians are teaming with the Iranians (besides to …

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Jul 06 2015

ISS transiting the Moon

Great view of the ISS transiting the Moon. Pretty cool!

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Jul 01 2015

Congrats to Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka

Cosmonaut Padalka Sets World Record in Combined Flight Duration. But is it really a “world” record? I’d call it a Space record. “Gennady Padalka started his fifth space flight at the ISS on March 27, with his combined flight duration amounting to 710 days. Today at 01:42 Moscow time [22:42 GMT on Sunday] Padalka beat …

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Aug 15 2014

Weekly ISS update

Two minutes of newsy goodness about ISS happenings this week. I may have to make this a regular addition to my blog.

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