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Jan 18 2016

SpaceX didn’t ask me, but…

Well, the no-news from “Just Read the Instructions” was that the booster stuck the landing, but a bit too hard for at least one of the landing struts: Is it me, or does the booster look like it buckled a bit in the middle? The booster may have landed harder than they planned. I don’t …

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Jan 17 2016

Live blogging the Jason-3 launch and booster recovery

Time (Pacific local) Event 1055 Well, I have to head out the door to take my daughter to a cheer competition (she was the one videoing from our back patio). I’ll follow up on the booster landing when I get back. BOOO to SpaceX for cutting off their Web cast without news from “Just Read …

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Jan 13 2016

To live-blog, or to try to get a picture?

That is the question… SpaceX Going For Offshore Barge Landings For Their Next Several Falcon-9 Launches. If it is a clear day, I can sometimes see the contrails from launches at Vandenburg from my house. The Jason-3 launch might make for an interesting picture from my house if the conditions are right. Then again, I …

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Dec 15 2015

Upcoming SpaceX launch schedule

Tentative SpaceX Schedule Shaping Up, SpX-8 In February. This should solidify after the static test fire tomorrow (16 Dec). Assuming the static test fire goes off with no issue, then their launch schedule will be: 16 Dec: Static test fire at Canaveral 19 Dec: ORBCOMM launch Mid-Jan 2016: SES-9 launch Mid-Jan 2016: Jason-3 launch Feb …

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Oct 26 2015

Tentative SpaceX Launch Schedule

SpaceX preparing for Static Fire test on first Full Thrust Falcon 9 First Stage. The concrete hasn’t even begun to harden on these tentative dates, but they at least give us something to which to look forward. Week of 26 Oct: Full Thrust test at MacGregor Early Dec: Orbcomm-2 mission to LEO (plus 2nd stage …

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