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Dec 04 2015

MUOS-4 passes on-orbit testing

US Navy Accepts 4th LM-Built MUOS Satellite for Secure Communications Network. Next is On-Orbit System Validation and then Operational Testing. So far so good for MUOS-4. Related articles: MUOS-4 Completes On-Orbit Testing Ahead of Operational Acceptance Next Spring An Acceptance Of The Lockheed Martin Built MUOS-4 Satellite By The U.S. Navy

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Sep 06 2015


Powerful Rocket Launches Light Up the Skies Just Hours Apart (Photos). The MUOS-4 satellite launched aboard an Atlas V rocket on Sept. 2, 2015. The rocket trail reflected sunlight in the early dawn hours to create this stunning aerial light show.

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Sep 02 2015

MUOS-4 launches

If you’re interested in the entire ULA launch broadcast, here it is: No, I didn’t live blog it — I needed my beauty rest! Related articles: ULA Atlas V launches with fourth MUOS spacecraft ULA Successfully Launches the US Navy’s Mobile User Objective System-4 Command Performance: LM-Built MUOS-4 Secure Communications Satellite Responding Normally To Ground …

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