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Jan 13 2016

Hey, that’s the MUOS testing I did in Fort Bragg!!

US Navy Evaluation Of General Dynamics Mission Systems AN/PRC-155 Manpack Connects With MUOS. Instead of using this picture in the article: or this one: I think they should have used this one: But maybe they wanted to downplay the male supermodel approach. Hmmmm….probably a good call on their part…

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Nov 18 2015

JNEM and MUOS play well together

Joint Radio Network Manager Supports Next Generation Military Satellite Comms. For MUOS, this is a BIG DEAL. Without JNEM, there would be no way for MUOS radio profiles to be provisioned to the warfighter without conflicting with other software radio waveform profiles. In the near term, the first dismounted radio to be used with the …

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Sep 02 2015

MUOS Antarctic testing

Vic Moberg is a MUOS teammate who supports the program office, and he sends a link to an article about MUOS Antarctic testing. Members of the team were able to catch a ride with the 62nd Airlift Wing which was responsible for Operation Deep Freeze, the annual resupply mission of the National Science Foundation (NSF), …

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Aug 31 2015

MUOS launch scrubbed until Wednesday

Per the ULA launch website: Rocket/Payload: A United Launch Alliance Atlas V 551 will launch the U.S. Navy’s fourth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS-4) satellite, built by Lockheed Martin. Date/Site/Launch Time: Wednesday, Sept. 2, from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. The 44-minute launch window opens at 5:59 a.m. EDT. Webcast: …

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Aug 26 2015

MUOS-4 ready for launch

Navy’s MUOS-4 Hoisted Atop ULA’s Most Powerful Atlas Rocket for Launch Next Week. Yeah…I may have to live-blog this. The launch window opens up at 3:07am Pacific, which means I’d have to get up around 2 O’clock. Let’s just for now that I’d like to live-blog the MUOS-launch, but I’m not going to guarantee it. …

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Aug 18 2015

And speaking of MUOS

Navy’s MUOS-4 Encapsulated for Launch on ULA’s Most Powerful Atlas-V Rocket Aug. 31. Might just have to live-blog that.

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Aug 17 2015

MUOS testing


Well, drove up to Virginia for the weekend to visit my sisters and their families and just had a blast, including catching more fish than anybody else on Saturday. Unfortunately, my sisters live across the street from each other in a connectivity black hole — they still have dial-up for Pete’s sake! Got back to …

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Aug 10 2015

More MUOS testing

Back in Fort Bragg the next two weeks for MUOS TECHEVAL testing. I should be able to keep up with blogging, though today’s traveling made it difficult. Should be up in a few hours to blog normally for Tuesday.

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Jul 26 2015

Back from MUOS testing

I spent the past week testing MUOS communications in Fort Bragg, NC. Funny story: about 8 years ago, Margaret Robbie (the godmother of Navy SATCOM testing) and I were planning all the Technical Evaluation (TECHEVAL) testing for MUOS after launch. TECHEVAL 1 (after the first launch) was easy peasey, but TECHEVAL 2…that would be a …

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Jul 23 2015

Making communications a SNaP

Future Army Nanosatellites to Empower Soldiers. This is right up my ally, since I’m very familiar with military SATCOM in general, and UHF SATCOM in particular. It says that they’ll use existing UHF SATCOM radios, but because SNaP will be a LEO constellation and UHF satellites are in GEO, they’ll have to use different antennae. …

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Jun 30 2015

MUOS 4 ready for August launch

4th LM-Built MUOS Secure Communications Satellite Shipped For August Launch. Exciting times for my MUOS brethren, for sure. While the word I’m getting behind the scenes isn’t quite a rosy as the link suggests, overall I’d say the constellation is a success. Now if only the radio population can catch up with it… ——————- And …

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Jun 04 2015

MUOS-3 enters the fleet

US Navy Accepts 3rd LM-Built MUOS Communications Satellite. In fact, it’s undergoing operational testing as I type — one of my bubbas (Kirk, one of my very best friends) is one of the test directors for the Multi-service Operational Test and Evaluation (MOT&E) that the Navy and Army are conducting. I could tell you how …

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May 21 2015

Competition is good

Harris Successfully Demos MUOS Waveform Operating On-Air. This seems like a big deal, but I’ll withhold my opinion until I hear from some of my MUOS insiders on it first. Were they able to exercise all the functionality of the waveform? What data rate did they achieve? ect ect Still, having a second radio vendor …

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Feb 13 2015

GD’s MUOS test lab adds on-air capability

GD Expands Arizona MUOS Radio Test Lab Offering Direct Connectivity with On-Orbit MUOS Satellites. The last time I was at General Dynamics, I was overseeing the Factory Acceptance Test for the MUOS ground system. This is a significant upgrade to their lab, so Congrats!

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Jan 20 2015

To Live-blogging the MUOS-3 launch, that is the question

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I’ll live-blog the MUOS-3 launch. I only plan to live-blog significant events (like SpaceX’s attempt to recover a booster, or NASA’s Orion launch & recovery), so the question is “Is the MUOS launch significant?” The answer ultimately is “Yes”, at least on a personal level. I’ve worked …

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Dec 15 2014

GAO investigates DoD satellite storage

DoD will spend an estimated $206 million on satellite storage over the next five years. Pretty interesting article overall. Here are a couple of good quotes: Storage generally has had a minimal impact on a satellite’s operational lifetime, according to DOD officials and the limited number of studies available regarding the effects. Satellites stored on …

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Dec 02 2014

MUOS 4 completes thermovac testing

Testing completed 12 Nov. Congrats to the MUOS team!

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Nov 07 2014

MUOS-3 arrives at Cape Canaveral

It’ll launch in January. By the end of 2015, all four satellites will be in orbit and operational (a fifth will be launched later as a spare).

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Oct 10 2014

MUOS uses PRC-155 to communicate during C-17 flight ops

General Dynamics’ MUOS-Manpack PRC-155 Radio Connects U.S. Air Force Aircraft to Operations Center via the MUOS Satellite Communications System. They earlier used the PRC-155 to demonstrate a reach into the Polar regions FAR beyond what was expected. SAL–UTE!

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Oct 04 2014

MUOS WCDMA comms to a C-17

First time WCDMA comms occur to a moving, flying platform. Congrats to my MUOS bubbas!

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