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Jan 14 2016

Sierra Nevada gets a piece of the CRS-2 pie

NASA awards ISS cargo transport contracts. SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, and Orbital ATK all were winners, with 6 cargo flights to the ISS guaranteed for each. The agency applied knowledge gained from the first commercial resupply contracts with Orbital ATK and SpaceX and required a number of key enhancements for these contracts. This includes starting with …

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Dec 30 2015

It’s actual rocket science

US Air Force Awards More Rocket Research Contracts. The winners were: Orbital ATK, $3.1 million Aeroject Rocketdyne, $6 million Northrop Grumman, $5.4 million Congrats!! Given Congress’ capitulation to the Russians regarding the RD-181, American progress on this front can’t happen fast enough.

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Dec 21 2015

MARS on track for 31 May 2016 launch

No, not THAT Mars, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS): Orbital ATK Shows Off Repaired Launch Pad and Antares Rocket Hardware for Return to Flight. According to Nash, the launch pad is now flight ready and his team could support a launch with only a few weeks notice. Repairs have been made to the ablative material …

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Dec 10 2015

Cygnus makes it to ISS

Orbital cargo ship arrives at space station. It was captured by the ISS at 3:19 am Pacific time this morning. Congrats to Orbital ATK!

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Dec 08 2015

Weather finally clears for Cygnus launch

Orbital ATK’s Cygnus Spacecraft Successfully Launched on Cargo Delivery Mission to ISS. Cygnus launched at 0145 Pacific time Sunday, and will arrive at the ISS tomorrow. Its launch had been delayed three days due to bad weather. Now that Cygnus is operational again, and Dragon’s launch is right around the corner, we’re back to having …

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Nov 16 2015

Differences in ‘Enhanced’ Cygnus capusle

Orbital ATK Showcases New ‘Enhanced Cygnus’, Ahead of 3 December OA-4 Launch. The enhanced Cygnus is over 12 feet longer than the previous Cygnus, allowing to carry over 4000 pounds of additional cargo. It also has a different solar panel configuration: Here’s a drawing I found online comparing the two:

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Nov 08 2015

Boeing out of the running for CRS2 contract

NASA drops Boeing from race for $3.5 billion cargo contract. I’m kinda surprised, though to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to dive into this like I did with the CCtCAP announcement. Highlights from the article: Boeing’s cargo version of their CST-100 Starliner is no longer in the running, based on a NASA letter …

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Nov 03 2015

NASA concludes Cygnus launch failure investigation

AJ-26 from NASA report

NASA Concludes Antares Orb-3 Investigation as Cygnus Prepares for Return to Space Station on Atlas-V. The report itself is proprietary, but NASA published an executive summary. Note: This is a diagram published in the NASA Executive Summary. NASA was able to identify a single technical root cause, but did identify the following potential Technical Root …

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Oct 23 2015

SLS completes CDR

NASA’s Space Launch System is a ‘GO’. The last time a new NASA launch system passed CDR was 1970, so this really is a BIG DEAL. Passing CDR means that the SLS can go into production, and the next major milestone for it will be launch itself, which will definitely be a BIG DEAL. SLS’ …

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Oct 05 2015

Wallops Island back in business

Repairs Completed at Orbital ATK’s Antares Launch Pad. It only took $15 million to repair — when the Antares explosion happened, I would have guessed it would have taken ten times that to fix the spaceport. Over the last few months, 90-100 MARS employees and contractors worked round the clock to restore Launch Pad 0A …

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Sep 19 2015

NASA missed opportunity to save some dough

NASA IG: NASA Missed Opportunity to Save Up to $84 Million After Antares Failure. CRS is a fixed-price contract, but that doesn’t mean that NASA couldn’t have lowered its overall price tag for the Orbital ATK part: The CRS contract is fixed price and NASA will not pay more, but the OIG report says that …

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Aug 31 2015

Orbital ATK unveils Enhanced Cygnus

Enhanced Cygnus to help Orbital ATK meet CRS contract by 2017. It will be able to carry 2700 pounds more cargo than the standard Cygnus. This means that Orbital ATK will be able to fulfill their ISS resupply contract requirements with one less launch. It’s internal volume is 27 cubic meters, compared to 18 cubic …

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Aug 07 2015

Cygnus set to launch in December

Cygnus set for December Atlas V ride ahead of Antares return. The schedule right now shows a 3 December launch with Antares docking at the ISS on 6 Dec. NASA also notes that the launch of Cygnus may be earlier, pending SpaceX’s updated launch schedule.

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Jun 02 2015

Stratolaunch still looking for viable suborbital rocket

According to Gunter (be careful — I get virus alerts often when I click there), Stratolaunch is again looking for a suitable rocket design, as the OrbitalATK designed Thunderbolt is economically not feasable This is a general problem I see with the Stratolaunch approach — building rockets big enough to carry big payloads means that …

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Jun 01 2015

Orbital ATK’s Antares will launch March 2016

Orbital ATK’s New Antares on Track for March 2016 Launch. Good news for NASA and Orbital ATK. There’s still some disagreement as to the cause: Reports in the trade press indicate that Orbital ATK and Aerojet Rocketdyne disagree on the root cause. While both reportedly agree that worn turbopump bearings were to blame, the question …

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May 20 2015

Pack your bags, Khrunichev space center employee…for your transfer to Yakutsk

Russian deputy PM attacks space industry with reform bill. Khrunichev Space Centre apparently employees 13X the number of employees that Orbital Sciences employs (I assume he’s talking about Orbital ATK…which employs about 12,000 people), so that’s…12000 x 13…carry the 1…156,000 people!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap! Khrunichev employs 13 times the people working at Orbital Sciences, a US …

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Mar 31 2015

NASA announces 12 new NextSTEP partnerships

NASA Announces New Partnerships with U.S. Industry for Key Deep-Space Capabilities. Love this approach to developing advanced concepts and technology. 3 partnerships involve propulsion. NASA would like electrical propulsion available in the 50-300 kw range, as opposed to the less than 5 kw available in systems now. The three partnerships are with: Ad Astra Rocket …

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Mar 15 2015

Interesting take on hardware reuse from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Proposes Dual Use ‘Jupiter’ Space Freighter for Station Resupply and Deep Space Exploration. This is in response to the upcoming CRS-2 contract that NASA expects to award in June 2015. The article is a great overview of the various potential entrants into the CRS-2 contest, but focuses on LM’s unique approach. The Jupiter Space …

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Mar 10 2015

SLS solid rocket booster test fire set for tomorrow

Solid Rocket Booster for NASA’s Space Launch System Ready for Wednesday Test Fire in Utah. It’s been such a slow news week (weeks?) that a test firing of a rocket that will launch 3 years from now is big news. It’s at 8:30 Pacific tomorrow morning…I may live-blog this from work if I don’t have …

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Mar 09 2015

Orion’s Launch Abort System proves it can survive catastrophic event

Orion’s Launch Abort System Motor Exceeds Expectations. Orbital ATK tested the LAS to 40% higher than expected temperature, shock and vibration of an expected launch emergency and the vehicle was able to perform as expected. It’s a solid rocket engine, which makes sense (though I hadn’t really thought about it before).

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