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Jan 13 2016

Hey, that’s the MUOS testing I did in Fort Bragg!!

US Navy Evaluation Of General Dynamics Mission Systems AN/PRC-155 Manpack Connects With MUOS. Instead of using this picture in the article: or this one: I think they should have used this one: But maybe they wanted to downplay the male supermodel approach. Hmmmm….probably a good call on their part…

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Oct 10 2014

MUOS uses PRC-155 to communicate during C-17 flight ops

General Dynamics’ MUOS-Manpack PRC-155 Radio Connects U.S. Air Force Aircraft to Operations Center via the MUOS Satellite Communications System. They earlier used the PRC-155 to demonstrate a reach into the Polar regions FAR beyond what was expected. SAL–UTE!

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