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Dec 31 2015

What’s Russian for “Disarray”?

Russia Downscales Lunar Program as Roscosmos Morphs into State Corporation. Going from a government agency to a state corporation — is there a difference in Russia? The biggest immediate impact is that Roscosmos State’s budget is slashed from about $2.8 billion to $2 billion. We’ll see if this improves Russian space performance. I think their …

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Jun 03 2015

Proton-M has fault in design

Faulty Engine Caused Proton-M Failure; Next Launch Announcement Soon. They’ve had seven failures in the past five years and they’re just figuring this out now? Design flaws in the rotor of the third stage engine caused the failure of a recent Proton-M mission, according to the results of the investigation into the incident, Russia’s Federal …

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Mar 20 2015

Year-long mission launched to ISS

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko will spend a year living and working aboard the space station. SAL-UTE and God speed!!!

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Feb 25 2015

Russian space milestones set

In wet concrete, anyways. Dates announced include Continued use of the ISS until around 2024 Their own orbital station by around 2025 Send manned missions to the moon around 2030 Hmmmmmmm….I wonder if this means the ISS will be available for leasing or outright purchase in 2025? Presumably Bigelow will have at least one station …

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