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Dec 31 2015

What’s Russian for “Disarray”?

Russia Downscales Lunar Program as Roscosmos Morphs into State Corporation. Going from a government agency to a state corporation — is there a difference in Russia? The biggest immediate impact is that Roscosmos State’s budget is slashed from about $2.8 billion to $2 billion. We’ll see if this improves Russian space performance. I think their …

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Dec 24 2015

Dang — I missed this!!

A Russian Rocket Body Lit Up West Coast Skies. Though I’m not sure I could have seen it, since I’m south of Los Angeles. This was a Russian SL-4 Soyuz from the ISS.

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Dec 19 2015

Great Googly Moogly

RD-180 Engine Procurement Ban Overturned, Revealing Sharp Space Policy Differences. I cannot believe that we caved on this. This is such a bad idea for multiple reasons: It helps the Russian Aerospace industry. Worse, it gives the Russians (and every other diplomatic thug out there) the clear message that they can do whatever they want …

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Dec 18 2015

Cats and Dogs…living together!

Russia’s space agency Roscosmos signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday with China National Space Administration. Even though Russia and China butt heads more than they get along, this announcement isn’t too surprising. Given the commercial dependence that everyone has on GPS, the Chinese were in a conundrum: GPS is definitely a center of gravity for …

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Dec 09 2015

Ouch, comrade

Russia Loses Advanced Military Satellite After Launch. Thus concludes an abysmal year for Russian space. It seems like it’s been since Armageddon since they’ve done something right in orbit: Kanopus-ST was supposed to track submarines, but it re-entered the atmosphere late last night.

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Dec 04 2015

For the investor who has everything…

Sea Launch On The Sales Block? No real surprise here…guess that whole Chinese buyer thing was a red herring, like I thought. I hope they do find an investor…I’ve always thought that Sea Launch was an interesting solution to equatorial launches.

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Dec 01 2015

I’m not a Laser expert, but I did recently stay at a Holiday Inn Express

That’s where I stayed last weekend when I umpired the Brenda Marsh tourney…hopefully the smartness I gained while staying there hasn’t worn off… Laser Power: Russia develops energy beam for satellite refueling. This will certainly be an interesting demo, but… “They added that the ability to transfer power from one spacecraft to the other opens …

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Nov 25 2015

Time to stake my claim on an asteroid

President Signs FY2016 NDAA, Commercial Space Bills Into Law. Two take aways: Among other things, the bill (NDAA) limits the number of Russian RD-180 rocket engines that the United Launch Alliance (ULA) can obtain for launching national security satellites. The NDAA is an authorization bill that sets policy and recommends funding levels. Only appropriations committees …

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Nov 17 2015

Good ‘Luch’ with that, comrades

Reader Vic Moberg sends this comment: http://www.thespacereview.com/article/2839/2 A long & technical review of GEO rendezvous & proximity operations (RPO). (Part 1 is LEO). Has cool telescope video of Astra SATCOM cluster motion. The title of the article is “Dancing in the dark redux: Recent Russian rendezvous and proximity operations in space”, and I addressed Luch …

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Oct 13 2015

Things that make me go “Hmmmm”, part 1001

Russian Rocket Engine Delivery to China May Be Agreed by December. I still stand by my initial take: Bring it on! I’m not seeing what the Chinese expect to gain from this…so I maintain that this is the Russians trying to obliquely put pressure on Congress to relax their ban on the RD-180.

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Oct 12 2015

Ukraine is not the only OpArea in which Russia is misbehaving

Reader Vic Moberg sent this to me over the weekend: You might find this article on potential on-orbit space mines of interest: Russian Satellite Maneuvers, Silence Worry Intelsat .Of course it could be a “jumpseat” mission. This is certainly an interesting development. I lean more towards “jumpseat” as opposed to space mine because the Russians …

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Sep 15 2015

Launches over the past few days

Date Event 10 Sep 2015 Arianespace Soyuz ST-B conducts another Galileo dual launch 11 Sep 2015 Soyuz TMA-16M trio return back to Earth 12 Sep 2015 Long March 3B conducts another secretive launch 14 Sep 2015 Russian Proton M successfully launches Ekspress-AM8 China lofts Gaofen 9 via Long March 2D OK, one isn’t a launch, …

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Sep 03 2015

Russia threatens to halt RD-180 engines

ULA Atlas-V Propells MUOS-4 Satellite Into Space as Air Force and Congress Shudder Over Threats To Russian RD-180. Putin is threatening to halt RD-180 engine delivery, no doubt trying to extort more money from ULA since the Russian economy is in tatters. The launch success comes as the Pentagon and Congress grow increasingly alarmed that …

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Aug 28 2015

First Proton launch since failure on May 15th a success

Russia Launches First Proton Rocket Since May Accident. It carried an INMARSAT satellite.

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Aug 12 2015


I’ve been critical of Space Daily in the past of reproducing garbage from Sputnik News. Here is a perfect example: Star Wars: US set to build space plane for extraterrestrial battle. The article’s pretty short, so I’ll quote it in its entirety so that you don’t send a click their way: The US aerospace giant …

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Aug 08 2015

A history of poor choices

The engine problem. Great article that traces the history of the launch industry, to where we are today and relying on Russian engines. The rocket engine dilemma the US faces today is not the result of a sudden and unpredicted shift in international relations but is due to both government and industry making the wrong …

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Aug 06 2015

NASA extends Russian contract for ISS support

NASA Notifies Congress About Space Station Contract Modification with Russia. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden sent a letter to Congress Wednesday informing members that, due to continued reductions in the president’s funding requests for the agency’s Commercial Crew Program over the past several years, NASA was forced to extend its existing contract with the Russian Federal …

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Aug 05 2015

First RD-181s delivered

Russia Delivers First Two RD-181 Rocket Engines Under $1Bln Contract to US. They were delivered 16 July to Orbital Sciences. This isn’t big news in an of itself, except for the controversy of using Russian engines. Back in December, Orbital said that they had looked at several other propulsion providers, but decided to use the …

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Jul 31 2015

Proton rocket back in service on 28 Aug

Russia schedules first Proton rocket launch since crash. They say they’ve fixed the engine problems that caused a Mexican satellite launch to fail on 16 May. I guess we’ll see in about a month…

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Jul 24 2015

Like they had a choice

Russia Extends Life of International Space Station Until 2024. Yeah, they’ve been talking like they were going to go their own way, but they won’t have a viable space station of their own by 2025, or 2035, at the rate the ruble is going. One reasons the Russians are teaming with the Iranians (besides to …

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