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Jan 14 2016

Sierra Nevada gets a piece of the CRS-2 pie

NASA awards ISS cargo transport contracts. SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, and Orbital ATK all were winners, with 6 cargo flights to the ISS guaranteed for each. The agency applied knowledge gained from the first commercial resupply contracts with Orbital ATK and SpaceX and required a number of key enhancements for these contracts. This includes starting with …

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Nov 08 2015

Boeing out of the running for CRS2 contract

NASA drops Boeing from race for $3.5 billion cargo contract. I’m kinda surprised, though to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to dive into this like I did with the CCtCAP announcement. Highlights from the article: Boeing’s cargo version of their CST-100 Starliner is no longer in the running, based on a NASA letter …

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Oct 08 2015

SNC Looks to 2017 orbital test flight of Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser Readies to Spread its Wings Again as SNC Looks Towards First Orbital Flight Test. The first orbital test flight(s) will be unmanned. They believe they’ll be ready for operations and customer launches by 2018. SNC is also an entrant for the CSR-2 contract, which is supposed to be announced in a couple of …

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Jul 01 2015

Dream Chaser’s Thermal Protection System passes testing

The Thermal Protection System (TPS) For Sierra Nevada Corp.’s DreamChaser Completes Several Tests. Looks like the CDR (Critical Design Review) for the TPS will be sometime this fall. Good to see SNC plugging along with Dream Chaser.

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Apr 17 2015

SNC signs cooperative venture with Germany for Dream Chaser

Sierra Nevada + German Aerospace Chase New Dreams…Cooperative Venture Signed @ Space Symposium. This agreement last through 2017. Hmmm…I began the post, but it turns out that the link really doesn’t have a whole lot of information in it, in spite of being five paragraphs long. This probably should have gone in Other Newsy Stuff, …

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Mar 29 2015

5 teams enter to win NASA’s CRS-2 contract

For commercial cargo, ideas old and new. This is an overview article, most of which has been reported here before in various posts. The contestants are: Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus capsule (incumbent) SpaceX’s Dragon capsule (incumbent) Boeing’s cargo variant of the CST-100 (one of the two CCtCAP commercial crew contract winners) Lockheed Martin’s Jupiter/Exoliner concept Sierra …

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Mar 18 2015

Sierra Nevada proposing crewless Dream Catcher as ISS cargo hauler

Sierra Nevada Proposes Unmanned Dream Chaser Space Plane for Space Station Resupply. Dream Chaser Cargo System would be able to carry up to 5000 kg into orbit and will be ready to launch in 2018. Its wings will be foldable to fit within a standard 5 meter rocket fairing. I dunno…it’s basically two spacecraft flying …

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Mar 15 2015

Interesting take on hardware reuse from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Proposes Dual Use ‘Jupiter’ Space Freighter for Station Resupply and Deep Space Exploration. This is in response to the upcoming CRS-2 contract that NASA expects to award in June 2015. The article is a great overview of the various potential entrants into the CRS-2 contest, but focuses on LM’s unique approach. The Jupiter Space …

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Feb 18 2015

This long, unsatisfying article at least had a little gold at the end

The stratosphere and suborbit: shirtsleeves or pressure suits? It’s WAY long (over 2200 words — longer than any single chapter in Ships & Stones), and it’s unsatisfying because the author doesn’t come to an conclusion or recommendation at the end of the wall of text. Click on the article if you must, but you’ve been …

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Feb 04 2015


ESA’s IXV will splash down in the Pacific to conclude test flight. OK, I admit I haven’t been focused on the IXV (Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle) — it’s a government project, and it’s not even a US govt project. It’s invariably described as ESA’s spaceplane, which in my mind meant something like SNC’s Dream Chaser or …

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Jan 26 2015

Launch America: Commercial Crew’s Path Forward

NASA, Boeing and SpaceX held a video conference on the status of CCtCAP today. Official press release on panel broadcast is here. The panelists are: NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Johnson Space Center Director Ellen Ochoa Commercial Crew Program Manager Kathy Lueders Vice President and General Manager of Boeing Space Exploration John Elbon President and Chief …

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Jan 20 2015

NASA releases CCtCAP source selection statement

Not a whole lot new here, but a couple of items of note: The Mission Suitability factor and Past Performance factor, when combined, are approximately equal to the Price factor. The Price factor is more important than fee Mission Suitability factor, which is more important than the Past Performance factor. 50% Price 33% Mission Suitability …

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Jan 05 2015

SNC CCtCAP protest denied

Thank the good Lord above! 2017 can’t get here fast enough! “The GAO has notified NASA that it has denied Sierra Nevada Corporation’s protest of the Commercial Crew Transportation Capability contract awards. NASA is pleased the GAO’s decision allows the agency to move forward and continue working with Boeing and SpaceX on the Launch America …

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Nov 11 2014

Report on the challenges of landing Dream Chaser at a public airport

I stumbled upon this article a day or two back when I was commenting on Dream Chaser’s options. It’s a 20 page read, so here are the highlights: There is a pretty interesting CONOPS OV-1 diagram on page 3. A couple of details about Dream Chaser’s CONOPS I hadn’t realized: It can last 24 hours …

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Nov 10 2014

SNC touts Dream Chaser’s network of public airport landing options

Basically, any runway made of concrete over 8000 ft long. The Shuttle required a 12,000 ft runway. Concrete is a requirement because of Dream Chaser’s nose landing-skid equipment. However, there is still a maze of regulations that SNC has to navigate: despite the large amount of evaluations that have already taken place, negotiations will be …

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Nov 01 2014

More info on the SpaceShipTwo crash

Lots of detail here, including a statement from SNC stating that their contract with Virgin Galactic ended early this year, thus they had no involvement in the crash. I think this is an appropriate response on SNC’s part — they definitely don’t want their investors getting jittery over nothing. NBC has pictures of the flight …

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Oct 26 2014

SNC Dream Chaser — a good concept in search of a market

I feel for Sierra Nevada (even though they’ve been putz-like with their CCtCAP protest). They’ve invested so much into Dream Chaser and are so close to at least a prototype that it makes sense for them to find a customer base to replace NASA. This article details SNC’s search. They seem to have a lot …

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Oct 22 2014

Thank the good Lord above!!

And Judge Marilyn Blank Horn, who dismissed SNC’s suit to override NASA’s decision to continue work on CCtCAP while the protest continues. On October 21, 2014, the court held a hearing in the above captioned protest. Given the urgency to resolve the override issue, the court provided the parties with a verbal decision declining to …

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Oct 18 2014

Results of yesterday’s CCtCAP suit brought by SNC

SNC v NASA: Boeing and SpaceX Alllowed to Intervene, Next Hearing Tuesday, 21 October. I think this is good news — the judge could have reinstated the stop work order just based on SNC’s motion. Seems appropriate, since the only ones benefiting from SNC’s shenanigans are the lawyers and the Russians. Way to go, Comrades!

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Oct 17 2014

Alright, SNC — you’ve officially pissed me off

Sierra Nevada Files Suit to Reinstate Stop-Work Order on CCtCAP. The court hearing is occurring even as I type and no update as of yet. Remember a few posts back when I said I didn’t consider SNC sore losers? Well, I was wrong — they are.

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