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Oct 12 2015

Ukraine is not the only OpArea in which Russia is misbehaving

Reader Vic Moberg sent this to me over the weekend: You might find this article on potential on-orbit space mines of interest: Russian Satellite Maneuvers, Silence Worry Intelsat .Of course it could be a “jumpseat” mission. This is certainly an interesting development. I lean more towards “jumpseat” as opposed to space mine because the Russians …

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Jun 10 2015

Canadians and Ukrainians working together

Ottawa to Help Kiev Launch Surveillance Satellite. Two of my favorite Non-US space-faring countries working together. I’d love to see both Canada and Ukraine’s space programs become much bigger.

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Feb 05 2015

Sea Launch considers replacing Ukrainian rockets

Decision to replace Zenit-3SL rockets to be made in the next couple of months. I linked an article in “Other Newsy Stuff” a few days ago (it’s since scrolled off) with the headline “Russians to stop using Ukrainian rockets”, and I remember thinking “Who uses Ukrainian rockets?”. I almost posted on it, because I think …

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Aug 28 2014

Russia is feeling the pinch of sanctions

Decommissioning the Rokot after 2016.” In the “always check the source” category, we see that globalsecurity.org takes its Russian news straight from Pravda. Here are some hilarious, non-biased bits from the link: As the Ukrainian crisis escalated, the West continued groundlessly accusing Moscow of meddling in Ukraine‚Äôs internal affairs. The United States introduced several new …

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Feb 18 2014

I am a Ukrainian

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