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The Adriel Finlay series

I’m a self-published sci-fi writer working on the sequel to my first book:

Ships & Stones is not military sci-fi, except some of the characters act like it is. It is not dystopian, except to some of the other characters. It’s not a mystery, except it kinda is because we don’t know who the bad guy is. It is hard science fiction set about a hundred and twenty years in the future on the frontier of the Solar System, whose main protagonist is a Christian ship captain prone to motion sickness, and it has a book within a book, and occurs during the end of the Martian tourist season.

Download the first five chapters for free and check it out.

I’m hoping to have the sequel, Moore Trouble, out by Thanksgiving.

Other stuff

I took’s Space System Engineering course sponsored by NASA, and for my final project, I submitted my take on a Mars Sample Return Mission. Check it out.


I’ll add more stuff as appropriate.

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